LAcom Web Design

Content Management

Content Management is an ongoing process whereby I keep your website optimised and up to date with all the information and updates you provide for a pre-arranged monthly fee. You need never concern yourself with the complications of maintaining your website.

Websites need updating constantly & little bits need tweaking all the time. You know how single socks always seem to go missing in the wash? Well websites can be a bit like that. Things unaccountably seem to go awry or move or buttons stop working. It’s one of life’s great mysteries.

The web can be likened to an ever evolving creature. Things are being changed, updated & improved all the time. Security threats force all web services to be modified frequently; your browser, your mail server, your apps & programmes — sometimes those updates affect how your website works.

When something on your website needs changing, you won’t have to pay a fee each time to alter small things or to make sure everything is up to date.

I will do all the buzzing about for you!

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